What makes Pantanal Expeditions Jaguar Spotting Tours Different?

  • We offer a variety of Standard and Taylor-made Jaguar tours in several different locations that take into consideration the time of year that you are traveling and your specific interests and travel-style.

  • Our tours from Porto Jofre include stays in comfortable lodges as near as possible to the Jaguar search area.  We think that after a full  day on the river searching for Jaguars, you deserve a chance to take a hike and stretch your legs, perhaps take a photo of a Hyacinth Macaw roosted above your room, eat  a hardy meal, enjoy the camaraderie of your group and, of course, a good night’s sleep, not be confined to another boat.

  • Our tours are reasonably priced.  We share the philosophy that cheaper is not always better; however, our Jaguar Tours are more economical for a number of reasons.  We are both a Brazilian Tour Agency, and Tour Operator—no middlemen.  We operate all of our own Jaguar Tours.   We own our own boating equipment.  This not only helps to keep the price down; but insures that the equipment is properly maintained & in good working order.  Lodges are not only more comfortable than houseboats; they are far more economical & ecological.  While some of the more remote lodges on the trips use generators for electricity & refrigeration they are located farther from the sleeping area, and don’t cause your room to vibrate or excessive noise.  There is also little need for air conditioners, which usually need to be operated continuously throughout the night along with the generators in the confined cabins of high maintenance steel-hulled ships which pour effluent into the river.

  •   Our first concern if for the well-being of the Jaguar.  We didn’t go into the Ecotourism to see how big and famous we could be, or how many tourists we could crowd onto a small river.  We limit our own tour groups to 8 tourists or two boats maximum in Porto Jofre at any one time.  Following scientific recommendations, we limit our observation of any Jaguar to 20 minutes so as to not stress them.  To take pressure off the Porto Jofre area we have increased our offerings to include the Taiamã Ecological Reserve in Caceres.  Pantanal Expeditions has been offering Jaguar Spotting Tours for ten years now, long before the recent, heavy commercialization of Jaguar Watching Tours in the Porto Jofre region, which between the months of May and November has always been an ideal area to encounter the Jaguar.  In the course of this time; however, we have seen a huge influx not only in the number tourists observing Jaguars, but also the number of Jaguars observing tourists.   The process of habituation can change the natural behavior of the animals as well as alter their geographic distribution and increase the risk of attacks to persons as well as leave jaguars more vulnerable.   One of the most important factors in their natural distribution is the availability of food.  We condone the practice of using bait to attract Jaguars.  The accumulation of animals in a location can lead to fierce territorial disputes with both other Jaguars and Humans.  Whether you choose to go with us or one of the many other reputable small tour operators, we encourage you to do your research carefully and choose an ethical operator.
  • Safety is also our top concern.  Our boats are inspected and insured and our professional pilots are licensed by the Brazilian Navy as required by law.  We carry the necessary documentation aboard the boat.

  • We are a full service tour operator.  We can seamlessly integrate your visit to the Pantanal with our other offerings such as Chapada dos Guimarães, Cristalino Jungle Lodge, the Guapore Valley or Parque Nacional das Emas, or our Birdwatching Itineraries.  In many cases you can continue with the same guide or guide-interpreter for continuity.


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