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Pantanal Expeditions offers reliable low-budget tours for backpackers in the Southern Pantanal departing from Corumba, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil each day. We have options for two, three and four-day group tours. The tours include transportation from Buraco das Piranhas to the lodge, and onward to Campo Grande or Bonito in our shared van at the end of the trip.

Getting to Corumba from Santa Cruz de la Sierra:

To get to Corumbá from Bolivia you can take the Death Train from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia to Puerto Quijarro or a bus. From there, you can take a shared taxi the remaining 4 km to the bus terminal or the city center.
The trains and buses all leave from the Terminal Oriental Av Intermodal, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Tel. +591 3 3387000 The distance is  644 km.
On Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays there is a Ferrobus with a sleeper car. It departs from Santa Cruz at 18h00 and arrives at 07h00 the following morning at Puerto Quijarro. The cost is about US$ 34 per person.  There is a sleeper bus departing Santa Cruz at 20h30 and arriving at 04h30 in Puerto Quijarro the regular reclining seats are approximately US$ 12 and the even more comfortable seats run approximately US$ 18.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays a Super-Pullman departs at 13h20 and arrives at 06h00 the following morning. The cost is about US$ 10.  From there, you will need to get your exit stamp from Bolivia, and then your entry stamp with the Polícia Federal in Brazil as well as make declarations at the Receita Federal.

Making Change:

There are street merchants waiting to change money on the Bolivian side of the border. They will change Dollars to Brazilian Reals and accept also any Bolivianos you still have. Changing money on the streets in Brazil is strictly illegal. Any offer to change money on the Brazilian side of the border should be looked upon with suspicion. Beware of street hagglers looking to take advantage of bleary-eyed travelers offering free transportation to the city to book a tour in cash. Credit and debit cards are readily accepted on the Brazilian side of the border, including the buses, but not on the Bolivian side. You can also withdraw money using your debit card or credit card in ATM machines in the Banco do Brazil and Bradesco Banks.

We recommend that you continue directly from the border to the Corumbá bus terminal. The 13h00 bus gives you adequate time to clear the border and join the regular tour that goes out that day from Buraco das Piranhas. Nonetheless, for those who wish to have a layover or explore Corumbá, or who are delayed, you can depart at 0700 or we can make advance arrangements for the lodge to pick you up where the bus drops you off at the edge of the highway.
From Corumbá the transport to Buraco das Piranhas-Passo do Lontra is 120 km and takes approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours. Here the Safari Car meets you and your tour begins.  

Getting to Corumba from Santa Cruz:


Getting to the Pantanal from Corumba:

 Our Transport departs Corumba each morning for Buraco das Piranhas each morning at 10h00.  You may have enough time to depart the same morning that you arrive in Corumba once you receive your exit stamp from Bolivia and your entry stamp from Brazil.  The trip is 120 km and takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Departing from the Pantanal:

The tours end after lunch on the final day. Your guide and driver will then transport you back to Buraco das Piranhas in the Safari Car where you will meet your outbound transportation departing at approximately 15h00.

Onward to Campo Grande & Beyond:

For those traveling onward to Campo Grande, you will embark in our van. We will drop you off at the Campo Grande International Airport, your hostel, hotel or the Campo Grande Bus Terminal. You will arrive in Campo Grande at approximately 19h00, and therefore you should not book an outbound flight departing before 21h00. You will have time to book an overnight bus to São Paulo or Iguassu Falls, ask us for more details. We would also be happy to reserve one of our recommended hostels or hotels in Campo Grande if you are planning a layover.

Onward to Bonito & Beyond:

For those traveling onward to Bonito, you will embark on our shared van service. We will drop you off at your lodge or hostel in Bonito on arrival at approximately 19h00. We encourage you book your tour vouchers in Bonito through us or another agency in advance, as well as lodging as the best trips go out early in the morning and the central reservation system will be closed for the night at the time you arrive and it will be impossible to book anything until the following morning when some of the trips have already departed. From Bonito, we offer van service from your lodge, hotel or hostel to the Campo Grande airport departing at 04h20, 07h30, 10h00, 12h30, 18h30. The journey takes approximately 4 ½ hours. We can advise you of bus schedules onward to the Campo Grande Bus Terminal or how to make the connections to go directly to Iguassu Falls from Bonito.