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Pantanal Expeditions offers reliable low-budget tours for backpackers in the Southern Pantanal departing from Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil each morning at 10h00. We have options for two, three and four-day group tours. The tours include transportation from Campo Grande to the Pantanal and outbound transportation either back to Campo Grande or onward to Bonito or Corumbá and the Bolivian border at the end of the trip.

We offer an unforgettable wildlife experience that you will remember for years to come and we hope you will recommend to others. Our goal is to offer the best value for the money spent within the price range of the every client, not to undercut our competitors and offer things so cheap that reclamations diminish not only the reputation of the tour agency but the tour destination as well.

The Southern Pantanal Backpackers Tours are designed principally for young travelers who are on a shoestring budget. Typical clients include students, recent graduates, gap year & solo travelers who want to see wildlife and prefer the dynamic of a group tour. We recommend these trips for those who are passing through the region on a long-term voyage as well as travelers who are making a short trip to Brazil for other reasons and want to see the Pantanal on a low budget. For family groups, retired travelers, and serious amateur or professional photographers, groups coming to Brazil specifically or exclusively for wildlife tours or professionals who have limited time and greater travel budget we can suggest other options.

Getting there:

Our tour van departs crom Campo Grande for Burraco das Piranhas in Corumba each morning at 10h00.  For those arriving in Campo Grande before 09h00, we will pick you at the bus terminal or airport and you can head straight to the Pantanal.  If you are arriving later, or wish to take a layover in Campo Grande, we can meet you at the bus terminal or airport, answer any remaining questions about the trip and drop you off at one of our partner hostels or lodges.  From there you can depart the next morning.  The van stops for lunch (not included in the price ) along the route and arrives at Buraco das Piranhas where you will meet your guide and driver with the safari car at 14h30 and begin your two, three or four-day tour.  The distance is 300 kilometers from the airport.

Departing from the Pantanal:

The tours end after lunch on the final day. Your guide and driver will then transport you back to Buraco das Piranhas in the Safari Car where you will meet your outbound transportation departing at approximately 15h00.

Return to Campo Grande & Beyond:

For those returning to Campo Grande you will embark in our van. We will drop you off at the airport, your hostel, hotel or the Campo Grande Bus terminal. You will arrive in Campo Grande at approximately 19h00, and therefore you should not book an outbound flight departing before 21h00. You will have time to book an overnight bus to São Paulo or Iguassu Falls, ask us for more details. We would also be happy to reserve one of our recommended hostels or hotels in Campo Grande if you are planning a layover.

Onward to Bonito & Beyond:

For those traveling onward to Bonito, you will embark in our shared van service. We will drop you off at your lodge or hostel in Bonito on arrival at approximately 19h00. We encourage you book your tour vouchers in Bonito through us in advance, as well as lodging as the best trips go out early in the morning and the central reservation system will be closed for the night at the time you arrive and it will be impossible to book anything until the following morning when some of the trips have already departed. From Bonito, we offer van service from your lodge or hostel to the Campo Grande airport departing at 04h20, 07h30, 10h00, 12h30, 18h30. The journey takes approximately 4 ½ hours. We can advise you of bus schedules onward to the Campo Grande Bus Terminal or how to make the connections to go directly to Iguassu Falls.

Onward to Corumba & Beyond:

For those continuing to Corumbá & Bolivia, you will catch a passing bus at Buraco das Piranhas to the bus terminal in Corumbá. You will probably need to take a layover in the city of Corumba in order to get your exit stamp From Brazil and your entry stamp to Bolivia.  The Pullman train departs for Santa Cruz de la Sierra on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 13h00, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays there is a Ferrobus with sleeper cars departing at 18h00.