Piuval Lodge | Transpantaneira 


The Piuval Lodge is the first lodge that you will encounter along the Transpantaneira Highway.  Departing from the airport in Cuiaba, you will travel 105 kilometres (65 miles) to Pocone, Mato Grosso a historic gateway city to the Northern Pantanal.  From there you travel just 7 kilometres along the Transpantaneira Highway to the entrance to the ranch and then an additional 3 kilometres to the reception area.

The Pousada Piuval Lodge has been practising sustainable tourism for over 30 years now and, while all accommodations in the Pantanal are rustic,  it has one of the most established infrastructures for tourism along the Transpantaneira Highway.  The Piuval Ranch won the Brazota Prize in 2017 for its commitment to sustainable environmental practices, which include a private intensive sewer treatment facility, system to re-utilization of greywater, collection of rainwater, sorting and recycling of solid waste and cooking oils, solar hot water, water-conserving faucets, and energy-conserving lighting systems.  Soon, a photovoltaic system will produce 80 KWP of energy per month to power the lodge.


You will be greeted on arrival in the staffed reception area, where there is also a gift shop which in addition to souvenirs, sundries and clothing items has a selection of books about the Pantanal and field guides available for purchase.  Nearby is a spacious and comfortable restaurant that overlooks the wetlands.  Regional speciality dishes are served buffet style, and there are always dishes available for vegetarians, while those who have special dietary requirements need only communicate their requirements to the chef.   There is a designated smoking area, and a playground, making the Pousada Piuval an ideal choice for families travelling to the Pantanal with young children.  There is a recreation area with pool tables, ping-pong and other games.   There is a large swimming pool with a waterfall adjacent to a bar area.  


There are 20 Standard Rooms, which are 25m2.  Each has a mini-refrigerator, split-system air conditioner, ceiling fan, LED cable television, free WiFi, telephone, electronic door key, and private bathroom.

There are 9 Luxury Suites, which are 36m2.  Each has a mini-refrigerator, split-system air conditioner, ceiling fan, LED cable television, free WiFi, telephone, electronic door key, and private bathroom.  Besides, the Luxury Suites, which are more recently constructed, have hairdryers, safes, private balconies with tables, chairs, hammocks, and panoramic views and screened doors.  The Standard Rooms and Luxury Suites are available as single, double or triple rooms, with single or double beds.  For those who require a quadruple room, an additional mattress can be added.  

There is one Master Suite, which is 45m2.  In addition to all the features of the Luxury Suites, the Master Suite includes a larger television and a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.  The Master Suite is available as a single or double room.

Activities & Wildlife

Boat Trip

The boat trip at Pousada Piuval occurs on one of the largest lakes in the region on the wildlife-rich Bento Gomes River, which also serves as the border to the ranch at the rear of the property.  The lake is approximately one km in width and five km in length.  The adventure begins with a short vehicle safari on an elevated road through fields and forests where wildlife such as Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Marsh Deer, Red Brocket Deer, Red-legged Tourtouses, the occasional Jaguar, among others,  and all sorts of avifauna are regularly observed.  The excursion is offered at 8h00 in the morning and 15h30 in the afternoon with a view of the sunset over the lake.  The excursion lasts around two hours and has variations which include a walk on a boardwalk to an observation tower.



Horseback Riding


Photographic Safari


Nocturnal Spotlighting Safari